What's Been Going On In My Life

Hey, guys!

I'm back! (But you already knew that since you're here reading this right now and you had to click on the post to read it)

I'm really sorry It's taken me so long to get back to writing on my blog but the good news is, I have plans for some series coming up in the future (Now I just need to make those plans come to life!)

So, what's been going on since my last post?

Well, for one thing, I reached over 20,000 words in my current WIP!

At 23,800 words+ my novella is slowly reaching its end (I still have a fair bit to go, though!). I'm SO happy I got this far and, for a novella that started out just as a short story, it's continually shocked me to see how much I've written! I couldn't have done it without God's amazing love and help, along with the amazing assistance of the YWW (And my awesome Alpha readers... and my family support. So, a few things actually!)!!!

Speaking of the YWW...

(Points to me for the amazing transition... not)

As a…

Taking a Quick Break- What do You Want to Read Here?

Hey, guys!

So, I'm going to take a break from blogging for a little bit.

I've got some ideas for a series of guest posting in my head but I still need to figure some stuff out. In the meantime, I would love some post recommendations!

What would you like to hear on this blog? Which of my posts has made you the most interested thus far?

Thanks for all of your support, y'all! Please leave your post suggestions in the comments- I would REALLY appreciate it!

Thanks for understanding! Once I get some things sorted then I should be back to posting like normal!



My Dream Come True- YWW

Around this time last year, I had decided I wanted to become a writer.

Actually, it was my mum who first suggested I could pursue writing as a career. Up until then, it was just a dream and something I had only tried once or twice but enjoyed.

One day I mentioned to my mum that I liked writing. Well, she was extremely supportive and suggested I pursued it as a career. I was hesitant at first. This was a big decision for me. This would possibly determine my whole future.

I decided that it was a good idea but there was one problem. I had no idea how to become a writer. I had various ideas for stories and I'd started a few (very rubbish and unfinished) projects in the past but that was about it.

The obvious thing to do was to find a good resource that would help me and teach me how to grow as a writer.

My mum searched here and there but everywhere seemed to cost hundreds to thousands of pounds... MONTHLY! Quite obviously that was very much out of  our price range (My question is who…

A Milestone and 2018 Plans

So, yea. I didn't post on Saturday.


Sorry about that, guys!

But there's news. Big news. Amazing news. Fantastic news. Brilliant news. (My apologies for the excessive adjectives and repetition)

You may or may not know that my current WIP has been the longest project I've ever worked on and today I crossed over a massive milestone with it.

I crossed the line of short story and novelette! My story is actually, really, finally, a novelette (There you go, have some more excessive adjectives!)

This may not seem a that amazing, but trust me, it is!

I have written 7,768 words.

When this is all finished there will be some words replaced, taken away, added, fixed, edited, and changed, but what matters right now is that I have actually written seven thousand, seven hundred, and sixty-eight words(Wow, it seems even longer when typed out in word form!). It's no longer a small project. It's big and it's getting even bigger. I'm learning so much and I've grow…

When Words Fly

Hello, my wonderful readers!

Before we start, I'd like to tell y'all something! (Well, two things really)

There's a new page on the blog! It's a dictionary of writers language so that any of you non- writers, younger audience, and just about anybody who might not know what some of the abbreviations and other writing-related words I use mean then you can go there to find out the meanings in an easy to find, dictionary form.

BTP has an Instagram account!!! On there I'm going to be sharing blog updates, letting you know about new posts and posting things that don't quite make it onto the blog! You can find it @behindthepenblog Be sure to go follow it!

Let's get back to the post now, shall we?

Now, just to warn you, this week I'm very tired while writing this fo please forgive me if that tiredness somehow words its way into my style of writing (I have no idea if it will but I guess we'll see)

Now, as many of you know, I'm part of the YWW and …

Our Christmas Traditions

Guys, guess what!

No, go on, guess!


(I feel I should get an award for cheesy opening statements for my blog)

So, before I continue I'd like to apologise for not posting last week! I've had various distractions and I had planned on writing one but I never got around to it! 🙈

This week is going to be a little bit of an off-topic post (It was gonna happen eventually) about Christmas ('coz what else would I write about this time of year? Easter?).

Today I'm sharing our family's Christmas traditions with you guys!

One of the first traditions is one that lasts all through December.

We have an advent book that we go through every year (a different one in the series per year). It's set in Bible times from the POV of different children and it all leads up to the birth of Christ. This year we are reading one called Bartholomew's Passage which is about a boy who is captured by the Romans and is separated from his family. In an effort to find them…

My Christmas Project and a New Page "Sneak Peek"

Happy Christmas everyone!

Yes, I know I was supposed to post this on Saturday but please forgive me for not posting this sooner!

Anyway, let's get onto the post!

It's so nice to be able to say, "Happy Christmas," because December has finally come and Christmas can be celebrated! Whoohoo!

This Christmas is my first year as a writer! Cool, huh?

I've decided to write a Christmas story- the first I've ever done- and I'm going to share a little information about it with you guys today!

Now, as a fiction writer, it could be expected that I would create a story of my own (which, actually, is quite a good idea, but that's beside the point). Contrary to what might be thought, I'm re-telling a story.

Don't worry, I'm not trying to rip anybody off! I'm retelling a story that has already been retold in different ways.

I'm retelling the birth of Jesus.

Now, I'm sure that this story has been shared with the world in many wonderful and amazi…